By Agastyaa Goradia, Age 12, India, Mumbai

Last 13 months living with Covid19, I realized Life is very precious, and Life is to be lived alive, actively with awareness. To adapt, we need to be brave, as inflexibility stems from fear.

To be happy, we need to be explorers and have joy in discovering, experiencing, and creating new. There is no yesterday and tomorrow. Reality is in the moment.

Happiness is in being able to Love. Love is an essential aspect of living. I wish there were more love for each other, and through this crisis, it was evident to…

A video of the hardships endured by the aged couple running the “Baba Ka Dhaba” eatery in South Delhi prompted social media outpouring.

In the video, 80-year-old Kanta Prasad shows dal, curry, parathas kept in large dishes, ready to serve. A widely shared video of a tearful aged owner of a small eatery in South Delhi, talking about how he had no customers, prompted an outpouring of support.

Be there for people in real…. the virtual world has lost out on the touch, care and emotions

September 11, is remembered for the terrorist attack, for the people who lost their lives in the twin tower attack 19 years back. To this day it is probably one of the scariest incidents. I cannot even Fathom what came to their mind before crashing the plane into the twin towers. It surprises me that there are people in the world willing to die to inflict maximum pain and suffering on innocent women, men, and children. I strongly condemn such a ‘heinous and cowardly’ attack

Be it the 9/11, 9/1 in Russia, 26/11 in India, 16/12 in Pakistan, 11/3 in…

You will be missed on the ground skipper

On August 15, 2020, the former India captain announced his retirement from international cricket in a post on his Instagram account. No press, No media

Now with him not at the crease, the silence will be deafening.

What I want to write about is what he meant. To me, of course, as a fan, but also to our generation.

MSD retires as India’s most successful captain, holder of a legacy that includes the team that is now dominating world cricket. The genius of his leadership made this generation. Confident, world-beating superstars, galacticos. …

By Agastyaa Goradia, Age 12, India — 25 July’2020

Love, humanity, kindness, empathy and compassion, yes it’s a magical tonic, it’s a therapy that does wonders!

My mother always says “You come to this world only once, and, if you live that right, once is enough”

Most people don’t wake up one morning with lights shining from the heavens, angels singing Eulala…Eulala.. , followed by God proclaiming: “Yes, this is what you were always meant to do. Now go out and do it.”

There’s the thing you do for a living, and then there’s the thing you were born to…

By Agastyaa Goradia, Age 12, Mumbai, India

News, “The Tribal dominated area in Madhya Pradesh is in the grip of malnutrition”. The COVID 19 induced lockdown has a severe effect on the nutritional health of Children, Pregnant, and, lactating women. 50 % children, and 75 % women are deprived of adequate nutrition.

Maya Baiga, a mother of a 5year old mentioned that her child could not eat with his own hands as he was malnutrition and Bunda bai could not feed her children as there was no Ration available. …

This week, the world that was….

The news this week that struck a chord with me is of a girl named Roshni Bhadouriya from Madhya Pradesh.

As we are well aware, students in rural parts of India are not new to hard work but when these hard workers do something good it leads to many positive events and that was the case with” Roshni Bhadouriya” a class 10 student, Ajnol village, Bhind district, Madhya Pradesh.

In a village with a population of 1200 citizens this 15- year- old had to cycle to Mehgoan, a village 12 km away. She did…

Agastyaa Goradia

I am 12-years-old, matters around me concern me. I will voice out discrimination, injustice, unfair treatment and stand up for minority rights. I am the future

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